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Alicia Marie Lincoln

Intuitive Healing and Wellness Coaching


About Me

I am an Intuitive Healing Guide and Wellness Coach based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. I am also a certified Reiki Master, 200 RYT Yoga Instructor, and Community Herbalist who is trained in both clinical and folk herbalism. I work with clients both in person and virtually.

I call myself a "healing guide" because I am not your healer. You are. My goal is to help you remember this truth and reclaim your power to create health, vitality and vibrancy in every area of your life and every aspect of your being.

Instead of “healing” you, I will guide you through the process of healing yourself by helping you to safely excavate and explore the deep roots of any issues or imbalances you are currently experiencing, by channeling healing energies that will assist you in this work, and by using my intuition to offer you unique insights and inspiration that will help you heal on all levels.

"Alicia is the real deal. I have worked with many healers and intuitives over the years, and no one comes close to Alicia in terms of sheer accuracy, clarity, and specificity. I have always been blown away by the breakthroughs I receive. She will make a huge difference in your health and happiness, helping you discover your truest self so you can create your truest life."

- Christina H.

My Services

Reiki Treatment
Online Meditation

In Person Intuitive Healing

My personalized healing sessions blend Reiki and other healing modalities with deep intuitive insights that are unique to you. My goal is to empower you with the information, inspiration and tools that you need to heal on every level of your being: physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

Length: 90 minutes

Exchange: $250

Virtual Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing and Reiki can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. You will receive the same intuitive insights, guidance and healing benefits as an in-person session. We will connect via Zoom or FaceTime, depending on your preference.

Length: 90 minutes

Exchange: $250


I am astounded at Alicia's talent as a healer. Saying she is intuitive is an understatement. The energy work that she does has changed my life through the discoveries we have found in our healing sessions. She is extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness. Her gift, not only as a healer but also as an empath, has made me feel so nurtured and safely guided towards healing and transformation. I have felt a distinct shift in my life, both emotionally and physically, through our sessions and her advice.

Sarah P.

I can't recommend Alicia enough. She is the real deal! I have worked with a lot of healers and coaches over the years and, by far, have never experienced such a quick shift as I have when working with Alicia. She has the most loving presence and energy, always making you feel comfortable speaking matters of the heart without any judgment. Her intuitive understanding and guidance always feels spot on, and I've always gotten an incredible amount of clarity. Our time together changed my life.

Laura S.

Many people I know and love had positive healing experiences with Alicia, so I reached out to her. I didn't know what to expect, but what happened during our session was truly incredible. She was able to see and directly address things I never speak about with anyone. Moreover, I always felt both safe and brave when doing this work with her support. The work was powerful, and the healing that occurred not only during our time together but in the days and weeks that followed has been transformative.

Sharon M.

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